Mike Loftus opened his merchandising and signage business, MLE Inc., in 2002. Over the following two decades, he grew the company to a regional powerhouse, headquartered in the Chicago suburb of Elmhurst, IL, with more than 100 employees in 14 states, and $40 million in annual revenues. When not involved overseeing his company’s operations, Mike Loftus, himself a resident of Elmhurst, enjoys boating, grilling food, and watching movies, especially from the 1980s.

There is no single agreed-upon standard for determining the “best” movie from any decade. One such standard is critical acclaim, but many people disagree with the critics. Another…

Mike Loftus (MLE)

Mike Loftus owns and operates MLE Merchandising & Sign Solutions, a brand services provider with offices in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, and Dallas, Texas.

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